Our mission

Granoro’s Cestino delle Delizie range promises quality and commitment, with biscuits of unparalleled taste. Selected with passion and experience, they are prepared using ingredients grown and selected with respect for nature with one main goal in mind: to offer the very best for a delicious start to the day, for us and our children. 


Raw materials

Simplicity, authenticity and a passion for things well done can be tasted in every one of our products thanks to the careful selection and control of the raw materials used, from the ground to the table. All of the ingredients are produced with respect for nature and are free from GMOs. 


High quality production chain

 Our search for quality drives us every day to ensure that our products always offer the best mix of flavour, authenticity and food safety, whilst maintaining high levels of goodness and excellence.  Constant controls and the careful selection of ingredients ensure our products reach your table every day as fragrant and delicious as ever.  


Nutrition and diet

All of our biscuits comply with the latest trend for strict control of the ingredients, are free from hydrogenated fats and preservatives and are designed to provide a carefully calculated nutritional intake, offering the right amount of calories. 

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